New Poster

Posted by tb4

This is the start of a new poster I'm working on, it is just for the fun of designing something. I don't really know if I'm completely sold on the background, but I'll have to decide on that when the foreground pieces are finished. At the very least the whole of "Margot" will be done up in text elements like you see in the M, I'm thinking if I do the whole thing it might be a bit much, we shall see. The words that are inside the M are lyrics from one of Margot & the nuclear so and so's songs. What do you all think of the start of this, let me know in the comments.


SeƱor Werty said...

I like de lyrics inside the M but maybe, i don´t put the edge of the M, i made a letter M with the lyrics, pufff sorry for my english


tb4 said...

Oh my bad, I meant to put this in the description, the white backing letters will either be removed or have their transparency really lowered if they have the text elements over them.