Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Posted by tb4

A big thank you goes out to notcot for reminding me that the new Neiman Marcus Christmas book is out. Outside of the great photography and spectacular layout, the best part of the book starts at page 68. What happens at page 68 you ask, well you get into the absolutely ridiculous gifts. A few of which are owning a Dallas cowboy's endzone, yeah the whole thing for a cool half a million, or a $110,000 motorcycle. My favorite though is the his and hers life size replicas made out of Legos, by artist Nathan Sawaya, all for only $60k per replica, a steal if you ask me. Have fun checking it all out, it is a great little book to flip through.

"Acclaimed artist Nathan Sawaya is obsessed with LEGO® bricks. Uh, trust us, he is. He fills his New York studio with more than 1.5 million of the interlocking toy building blocks, and he can sculpt anything out of them — a full-size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton or a 7-foot-long scale replica of the Brooklyn Bridge, for example. Given the skill and depth of his devotion to his art, it makes perfect sense to immortalize your own magnificent self with our 2008 His & Hers gifts. Send in detailed photos and measurements, then Nathan gets to snapping and BOOM! One-of-a-kind, life-size sculptures of yourselves in LEGO bricks. We priced our exclusive gift individually, so Nathan can "brickalize" you and the S.O., the kids, Granny and/or anyone else you obsess about. (Just make sure you have the rights to their likenesses; we're not here to judge.)"