Martin Sämmer

Posted by tb4

Great shelf design by Amsterdam based product designer Martin Sämmer. The transformer-shelf has the ability to continuously change and evolve to meet your storage and shelving needs. It starts as a solid block and you can change it to a number of different shapes and styles just by pushing and pulling on the many different pieces. An excellent design to be sure.

The design of this object allows to participate in the evolution of its shape. By using the Transformer-Shelf you will constantly rearrange the different units towards each other, creating myriad different shapes. This will have an influence on your impression of the object, the cognition of the surrounding room and the way you identify yourself with the Object. Everybody can put his own ideas into the Object. In the end, the design becomes a process that will be partly submitted to the CONSUMER, who will also partly become a shape-producer, and therefore a ‘Design-Prosumer’.


sean magnan said...

Sold, where can I get this?