Martin Sämmer

Posted by tb4

I want this here at work. The schreibtisch, aka writingtable, is basically a giant note pad on wheels, and it is brilliant. I would love to have this at work and be able to just wheel this thing across the room to the other people who work on my team, so much fun. Check out the rest of martin's work at his portfolio linked at the bottom.

A mobile notepad-furniture consisting out of paper. The die-cut paper-sheets (about 1000) are joined together with (red pigmented) bookbinder-glue, leaving out the Handle (for a intuitive detaching function of each sheet) The object works as communication tool, sketch-board, notepad...The ‘writing table’ has been awarded with a Commerzbank Design-prize.


roitsch said...

hi, i also wrote aout this an dlinked to your blog! thanks, roitsch