Posted by tb4

"Smell It" by Portuguese industrial designer Nuno Teixeira is a very interesting idea, I'm just not sure that I would want to smell anything that was on my TV set. For example I was watching the movie Seven the other day, I'm almost completely sure that no one would want to smell any part of that movie. Although the food network would be awesome with this, so maybe it would work.

Taste your movies like you never have

Nowadays we have excellent sound and HD movies in our Home Movie Theatres. But it lacks something of extreme importance, something that will transport you definitely to the center of the action, the sense of smell. So why not go a step forward with SMELLIT?
SMELLIT can make you drool, like when you see that Chef taking a hot and crispy pizza from the oven. Or make you turn your head and wish you can take that "putrefaction" cartridge out of the smell board.
Are you ready to feel the smell?