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I love this t-shirt, probably because I'm an absolute procrastinator, and I get nothing done until the last minute. I also have to remember to use this sweet flow-chart every day at work just so I know I'm using my awesome procrastinating skills to their fullest.

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NYC Interior Design Club said...

can i just commend you on your site.
I am an interior design student @ FIT and love this site.
it's part of my daily procrastinating rituals.
when your in the city, i'll buy you lunch.

keep up the great work, i am sure it isn't easy.

NYC Interior Design Club said...

as a matter of fact.,

we would love for you to come speak at our school about " creating a design blogg" and the work behind the scenes.

Josias Hernandez
-Interior Design Club President

Anonymous said...

Procrastination is a lot like masterbation because in the end you only screw yourself

tb4 said...

@ Anonymous...Inappropriate.

Procrastination Free Living said...

nice idea!!your flowchart was helpful to other people and must see this ...