Facade Vase

Posted by tb4

More often than not, our reason for a new purchase is based on the aesthetic quality of the product. It could be the replacement of an old but still fuctioning wallet or a new chair to complement the home decor. however, recycled products are often stigmatized as aesthetically inferior, and reusing an old product usually means a compromise in the visual appeal. Thus the question at hand: do we really need a beautiful vase, or do we only need a beautiful facade for the vase?

Made out of industrial wool felt, facade vase is derived from the archetypical for of the vase to hide the raw look of a plastic water bottle. What we get is essentially a beautiful facade and a vessel for the flowers.

A most excellent idea from Orca Design, I just really like the ability to re-use a simple plastic water bottle and make it into a nice little vase.

via swissmiss