Peleg Design - Falling Numbers

Posted by tb4

I just like this clock, the falling numbers clock is made of laser-cut perspex. Yeah I had no idea what perspex was so I looked it up on wikipedia, it is commonly called acrylic glass or simply acrylic. Fun design from a great designer.

Shahar Peleg, owner of Peleg Design, is a multi-disciplined designer, he designs, develops and produces commercial products in small quantities. His products are sold in design stores in Israel and other countries including Japan, Singapore, and the US. He has also been a feature exhibitor in numerous shows in Israel and around the world.

Shahar designs every-day objects with additional values which give them a fresh character. His experimentation with optical illusions and magic result in smart and surprising products that challenge the spectator to take a closer, more detailed look. His products are characterized by minimalist form and with the use of ordinary materials, usually produced in low tech production processes and at times even handmade.



Anonymous said...

I like those watches too