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The Bulldang seat would be just perfect for some sort of reading room. The Bulldang designed by Hirohiko Kamiya has an organic, supple, human feel, one can form any seating arrangement desired. Measuring a solid 30 feet in length the Bulldang definitely offers plenty of seating configurations, to make anyone comfortable.

The "Bulldang" seat is in the form of a de-structured, padded, and segmented tube nine meters long, which offers users the possibility of composing a seat adapted to their use depending on their idea of comfort. By putting a number of these modules together, possibilities of composition in spatial layout are enormous.

This piece has been realized in collaboration with Dupont de Nemours allowing to widen the application of textiles destined for the dressing of furniture. The cloth "Climate Control" by Dupont Neotis Studio is knitted which allows good ventilation and has been chosen for its qualities of elasticity, solidity, and resistance to rubbings