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Posted by tb4

These new wall decals from e-glue.com would be absolutely perfect for any kids room. The wall decals are called giga-kits and they are sets of 8 wall decals developed around original themes, the one above is for a savannah atmosphere. I love the meerkats, on a side note we got to see the meerkats at the zoo the other day they were awesome.

Meerkat at the zoo
Yeah I also got to pet the sharks, that was pretty crazy but so much fun


José said...


Those decals look pretty cool.
They'd look nice also in stores that sell stuff for kids.
And why not on some "grown up" stores ?

Kind regards,


Mapiurka said...

I invite all of you to visit our web and blogs, there you'll find a lot of wall decals:
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love those wall decals, where can you buy them. I have a favorite online store called WALLTAT.

salman santo said...

So many cute ones to choose from but I still like the large monogram, nice and simple! And if I won, it's the only one my 13 year old son would allow me to put in his room!kids wall decals

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