Peter Jaworowski

Posted by tb4

I really thought I had put up a post about Peter Jaworowski, because I see his stuff at least once a week, but I started checking through my old posts and nothing, my bad. So here you go some very excellent work from Poland based artist and designer Peter Jaworowski. I love his use of color and the style is just fantastic, I can't say enough about his work.

The Hejz, Peter's website, was formed in 2004 as a showcase for Peter Jaworowski, co-owner of Warsaw based studio Ars Thanea, where he is the lead designer and illustrator. He is currently represented in London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam and Frankfurt by Debut Art. Peter is regularly featured in design and industry publications, such as Computer Arts, idN Magazine and Advanced Photoshop just to name a few. He is the news author and a contributor on Reform & Revolution and Computerlove. Check out his site here, and a few more pieces below that he did for Nike.