Stephanie Dalton Cowan

Posted by tb4

I have allergies so I tend to see the kleenex box a lot this time of year. So Stephanie Dalton Cowan's recently completed illustrations for two Kleenex tissue boxes featuring 2008 Beijing Olympics imagery caught my eye a bit. A nice well designed package for something most people don't give a second thought to. Check out a few more of Stephanie's pieces over at theispot.com.

Thoughtful, narrative, and richly layered imagery is created with a sensitivity to communication and concept. Producing mixed media illustrations for editorial, publishing, packaging, as well as advertising corporate branding. Additionally, Stephanie creates imagery for film, television and theater. Stephanie's artwork has recently been featured in the following films: Enchanted, I Am Legend, Failure to Launch, and the upcoming film by M. Night Shymalan The Happening.

Thanks goes out to Dave for the heads up on Stephanie.


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