Dan Mumford

Posted by tb4

Editorial Illustration for Digital Arts magazine Issue 13 2008, Article about getting your portfolio online via internet networking sites such as myspace.
An Image for Daydream Network, based upon the imagery we often associate with the Alternative music scene.
Wonderfully intricate illustrations from central London based illustrator, designer, screenpringer Dan Mumford. His site is great and has tons of his work, although all of his work is great and I absolutely loved looking at it all, my favorite part of the site comes from the about page down at the bottom of the FAQ.
Q: How do you make your work??
A: With pencils, pens, and the wonders of photoshop. All my work is either hand rendered or created with the use of a tablet. I will not be more specific about how i create my work, or how to make things look better in photoshop..theres tutorials online for that.
Just awesome the wonders of photoshop, and a basic shut up and learn how to do the work yourself, love it.