Puur Design Studio

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The BabyC designed by Dripta Roy for Purr Design Studios, is for babies that are far more stylish than the standard baby. The alcove shaped environment is perfect for babies to feel right at home. Designed to mimic the Mother's womb it gives the baby a warm protected space to hang out in, yeah I don't know if babies actually hang out they do just kind of lay there but they are sure are cute doing so. The BabyC is made of wood and lightweight polyethylene to make it light and versatile, pretty much the perfect stylish place to rock your baby to sleep.

Now a little about the designer, Dripta Roy. Dripta graduated with a bachelors in management from a school in Canada and went on to open his own design firm in Hong Kong in 2003, Roymans Corporation. After having successfully run the business for two years he sold his shares and moved to the Netherlands to pursue his true dream. Now with another degree in industrial design he is a strong boost to Puur Design Studios stable of designers.



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