Kimo Easterwood

Posted by tb4

These pieces are all created with photographs of random elements from around the city of Los Angeles. They are layered in PS and colored only. Nothing is created in the computer. Everything you see is a picture including the text, sort of similar to Russ Mills who you just featured, although Kimo uses photographs instead of illustrations. The work that this takes to put together even one photo kind of boggles my mind if Kimo wants splashes or a straight line, he doesn't just draw them in, in photoshop he has to go out and photograph them. Some of his pieces have 3o or more photographs layered on top of each other, very well done indeed.

Kimo Easterwood is a Los Angeles based photographer who has been shooting professionally for 10 years. He's shot everything from fashion and music to celebrities, lifestyles and landscapes. Check out the rest of Kimo's work at his site linked below.