Bob Reiberg works in a home studio where he designs and forms each piece of Raku on a potter’s wheel. He produces both decorative and functional pieces made with porcelain and stoneware clays. He also teaches at the Indianapolis Art Center where he is presently head of the Ceramics Department.

Although involved in art (jewelry, photography and sculpture), it wasn’t until 1989 at the age of 42 that he began to study pottery. Six years later, he resigned his job as a middle school science teacher and began a life as a full time potter, making a living at art fairs in the Midwest.

The hours needed to make all the work and still run the small business of an artist/craftsman are incredible, says Bob, but he hasn’t regretted the decision for a moment.If you select one of his pieces, please enjoy it knowing that it has been transformed from what was a handful of mud only a short time ago into a piece of art, designed and crafted by Bob Reiberg.