Olympic Torch Design

Posted by tb4

I love core77's 1 hour design competitions, a recent one asked participants to create an Olympic torch design for a city of their choice. The one pictured above was the winner, by a designer out of Southern California named Soyun. I would really like to see this one used as the actual torch at some point in time it would be really cool.

This torch was designed with the host city of Mumbai, India in mind.

Text from image:

This torch carries the history and culture of the host city Mumbai and the heart and emotion of India. The design visually modernizes the textures of Indian architecture and weaves in the harmony of Indian culture.

Each participating country has its own puzzle piece – evoking their country flag – that fits into the torch shaft. The pieces will be added one-by-one as the torch makes its journey to Mumbai. The torch will be completed as the final piece – representing India – is added just before the torch is used to light the Olympic flame at the start of the games. This joining together of the completed torch represents the hope for harmony and union between the participating countries.

There were a lot of really nice designs submitted for this one get over to core77's forums and check out the rest of the submissions.

olympic torch design