Lois Ruben Aronow

Posted by tb4

I am absolutely loving these hand thrown porcelain pieces by Brooklyn based designer/artist Lois Ruben Aronow. A bit about the artist below and the link under that.

Lois attended NYU's Tisch School of the Arts as a Radio & TV major. Persuing her love of Radio, she began a career that extended into music television programming, and a long stint at VH-1. Although she always had a knack (ok, an obsession) for "making things", it was during this time she discovered pottery.

Moving to London for business, Lois found herself surrounded by a rich history in pottery and tableware design. "The British have a rich history in Ceramics and really do consider it a fine art. I found myself constantly exposed to wonderful antique and contemporary work. I fell head over heels in love."

Lois’ tableware is hand thrown porcelain, which is extremely strong and durable. "My work is made to be used and enjoyed. I want my work to be part of people's everyday lives. That little something that contributes to the uniqueness of one's surroundings."

Largely influenced by Antonio Gaudi, Eva Zeisel, and Fiesta Ware, Lois' work looks toward organic shapes, vivid color, and texture for inspiration. A chance commission for a large dinner set opened a new door. “I didn’t expect to enjoy making dishes, but seeing those pieces as a set... I realised I had a whole new body of work on which to build. I discovered a new world of proportion, problem solving, and beauty. I saw my challenge as designing a line that enhanced the meal with elegant simplicity and fun. I wanted to the wares to subtly add to the “wow” factor of the presentation.”

All the ware is dishwasher and microwave safe. Lois hand-makes all her work in her studio. Lois lives in Brooklyn with her unbelievably patient husband, 2 sons, and a bunch of really annoying small, furry animals.

lois ruben aronow