Mirage Lamp

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Very cool "lamp" that consists of layered pieces of etched glass that from the front give the appearance of a full on lamp. The Mirage Lamp comes in two colors the white or frosted as seen above, and a black version, which is pretty nice but it doesn't give the appearance of a lamp as well as the white.

This intriguing piece of design is sure to attract the right kind of attention in your home. Cleverly designed to look like a normal table lamp through flat images on sheets of glass which layer up to form a 3D image. The light seems to radiate out from inside as if it were a normal lamp, but move to its side and you can see that it is nothing but sheets of glass! This piece of contemporary furniture could almost be classified as a modern work of art, but however you see it, it will certainly add a touch of class to your home. An interesting design concept which also looks stunning!

The product consists of two parts which connect together with strong magnets to form a cube, so you can take it apart to change the bulb.

Get it over at drinkstuff for 119 pounds or whatever that is in US dollars.

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Anonymous said...

animation much lol it's cool to see the technique applied to new media

Anonymous said...

Great, an ikea lamp meets the illuminated-human dissection at msi.

Adam de Kaminski said...

Inspiring, i want to work in the studio right now!