Ballpark Pens

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With most old stadiums either being redone or knocked down to make a place for a brand spanking new multi-million dollar stadium, these Ballpark pens are a great way to get your hands on a small bit of history. Barrels and disc at top are made from wooden seats from historic stadiums. Pens ship with capless rollerball refill but can also use Parker style ballpoints. The pens are laser engraved with the name of the ballpark and years in existence. Top, clip and nose all rhodium plated. No two pens are exactly the same due to age, type of wood and the direction of the wood grain. Prices vary depending on stadium due to collector's prices for seats. Right now you have six different stadiums to choose from and the prices depend on which one you choose, with the most expensive being $250 for Fenway Park. A very cool way to have a small piece of the team you love with you forever.

ballpark pens
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Customized Pens said...

I have numerous sets of various pens from ballparks. I also got this one HUGE pen, but it was from Disneyland and Minney was allll oovvverrr it! They arent that expensive but the value of holding it as a collectible is worth A LOT more to me! :)