Audrey Kawasaki prints

Posted by tb4

So it turns out the poll the Audrey Kawasaki ran to decide her next print was pretty much tied between the two prints, so she decided to put both prints on sale for the Time Limited Edition!

Here's how it'll work:

On January 23rd, Saturday, between 3pm to 4pm pacific time you can log-on on her shop and click the Purchase button, and you will be guaranteed a print. As long as it's within the hour, your print will be reserved.

(if you don't have an account for the shop, you can create one here)

This is one print per person. so you must choose between the two. There is also be a framed option.

further print info is as follows. choose between:

~ Yuuwaku ~
giclee print on 100% cotton archival fine art paper
size: 15"x19.5"on a 16"x20.5"sheet

- OR -

~ Hyakki Yakou ~
giclee print on 100% cotton archival fine art paper
size: 22"x13" on a 23"x14"sheet

signed and numbered on the image area
price unframed: $100
price framed: $250
shipping cost: $20 for US. $30 of international. for both framed or unframed.
(framed shipping/handling is included in the cost.)

available for purchase:
~January 23rd, Saturday. 3pm~4pm pacific time~
~check here for the exact time and date in your time zone~