Poster Inspiration: LandLand

Posted by tb4

The Tallest Man on Earth at the Turf Club in St. Paul, MN
Info: 3-color screenprint on two different 80# French cover stocks • 8.5" x 19" • Signed & numbered editions of 33 on brown, 18 on butcher blue
Illustration/Design: Dan Black

Here is a short list of information about LANDLAND:

• LANDLAND kinda used to be called the "2222 Screenprint Facility," but we moved into a new place, so we thought it made sense to call it something else. That, and we got tired of explaining the whole "2222" awkward naming thing all over the place, not that "LANDLAND" is working out any better.

• Some other names associated with LANDLAND are: Dan Black, Jessica Seamans and Matt Zaun.

• We are a small collective of graphic designers, illustrators, screenprinters, relatively decent advice-givers, semi-amateur sink and wall constructors, art makers, big talkers, ex-9-to-fivers, listmakers and clean fighters, among many other things too innumerable to mention here.

• We make all sorts of things all the time, including posters (for rock shows and for lots of other stuff), records and record sleeves (cds too), mailers and advertisements, t-shirts, promotional items for ourselves and for other people, and a bunch of other things.

• We make these things with computers and scanners and photocopiers and drawings and fun printing techniques and whatever we need to use to get the job done.

Bob Mould at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis, MN
Info: 4-color screenprint on two different 80# cover stocks • 19" x 25" • Signed & numbered edition of 100 on grey (shown), 40 on cement green
Illustration/Design: Dan Black
Cursive w/ the Berg Sans Nipple at First Avenue in Minneapolis, MN
3-color screenprint on 80# cover stock • 19" x 25" • Signed & numbered edition of 80
Illustration/Design: Dan Black