Poster Inspiration: F. Oscarsson

Posted by tb4

So I only posted two of Australian based designer Fredrik Oscarsson's posters because there were just to many good posters I couldn't decide which ones to put up. Check out the portfolio links below, he has so much good work it would be a shame to pass up those links. I just really enjoyed the way he described himself and his work, check it out below.

The graphic work of Fredrik Oscarsson.
My humble aim is to dominate the 4 corners of the world, exceed the 7 wonders of the world and to be the no. 1 graphic artist of the world. This will be done with a visual mark that can be seen as a Flawless Formula in any project.

My strategy in this holy quest for world domination are mad skills in all techniques required by a graphic artist. The results of my ambitious undertaking is powerful artwork and graphic design, intelligent illustrations and clear, concise layout.

With 2 bachelors in design (industrial design, Visby and communication design, Sydney) under my belt and industry experinece since mid 2007 I'm now willing to call myself a visual communicator and designer. Feel free to explore the site.