Melissa Haslam

Posted by tb4

Paper Tiger has just released their first print from Melissa Haslam.

Australian artist, Melissa Haslam, took time out of her busy show schedule to hook them up with a beautiful print. Drawing influence from vintage illustration, botanical art, Victorian painting, and contemporary fashion photography, you really can't go wrong with Melissa's art.

...and now you can purchase this limited edition 12" x 15.5" print exclusively on Paper Tiger!

About Melissa Haslam:
By painting exotic yet strangely familiar environments, Australian artist Melissa Haslam offers an escape to a romanticized, whimsical and yet slightly dark interpretation of the world. With an emphasis on narrative theme, her paintings are populated by beautiful, forlorn and mischievous women in fairytale-like scenarios.

When asked about this painting, Melissa had this to say: "Apparition is a narrative piece exploring a fictional relationship between nature and a manufactured toy. The ghost-like girl brings the floral toy into a natural environment, causing the plants pollination process to break down when the bees become attracted to the toys floral fabric."

For more info: www.melissahaslam.orionvisuals.com