The Exiles

Posted by tb4

Paper Tiger has just released the newest print from Brian Despain, entitled "The Exiless". Brian set Paper Tiger up with this awesome painting from his ongoing series of robots. While his paintings may just seem like really cool pictures of robots at first glance, there is actually a lot more depth and meaning in each piece. His painterly work retains a dark humor while the colors and atmospheres he creates give a sense of melancholy, stemming from issues in the artists life, and now you can purchase this limited edition 12" x 14.5" print exclusively on Paper Tiger.

Brian attended Eastern Michigan University, earning a BFA in art with a concentration in drawing and psychology. He has held numerous art related jobs over the years but finds the most satisfaction in creating his own imagery. He currently lives with his fiancĂ© and a menagerie of fur in Kirkland, Washington. When asked about this painting, here's what Brian had to say: To me “The Exiles” represents honor and dignity in the face of adversity. An unlikely royal couple stands proud but alone under a tumultuous sky, their crowns, a symbol of their former state, lift from their brows to hover like ghostly halos while dead leaves dance about them on winds of change.

For more info: www.despainart.com