Sara Larson

Posted by tb4

So I am finally going through my email, it took me quite a bit just to get everything organized properly so I could start working.

Here is a piece from Oregon based illustrator and painter Sara Larson. I was trying to figure out how to describe her art, but nothing that I came up with did justice to her extremely colorful and a bit weird art. So here is what Sara says about her art, check the description and the portfolio link below that.

"Typically of people, my paintings play on irony, humor and sorrow. Many of the characters in my work seem to be balancing between bitterness and boredom, yet poised in front of brightly colored back drops and dreamy scenery, they become their own punch-line. My work is an attempt at exploring the most awkward, beautiful and strange parts of people, and celebrating those little flaws that define each of us."
1 post down like 100 to go.