Marq Spusta

Posted by tb4

Two new posters from California based illustrator and designer Marq Spusta. The first poster is for the bands Witch and Earthless. Both groups lean in a darker psych-sludge-rock-metal direction and both bands kick ass. The second poster is almost completely opposite in tone, and is for the Swedish band Efterklang's show in Visalia, CA.

Marq Spusta is a freelance artist, illustrator, designer, advertising guru and an art instructor (kids & college). His artwork covers a wide range of mediums and medias such as drawings, digital graphics, paintings, logos, etchings, screen prints, books, websites, concert posters, shirts, package designs, concert stages, brochures, billboards and whatever else comes his way.

Check out the rest of Marq's work at his portfolio marqspusta.com, enjoy.