Polaroid Mirror

Posted by tb4

With Polaroid instant film going away, designs have been popping up everywhere to keep the beloved format alive in one way or another. The Polaroid mirror by Colin O'Dowd is another one of those products the 2mm mirrored glass with white vinyl border is a fun product, that brings back a little bit of the feel of the old school Polaroid cameras. Although it would be so much better if there was some way to treat the mirror so it gave you the sort of washed out colors that Polaroid instant film is so known for.

Get the Polaroid mirror here for $29.


C. Davis said...

Polaroid is NOT going away!

Really, Polaroid film is still out there, at affordable pricing! I stocked up on some from www.adessoalbums.com. It's a site that not only sells 600 film but also sells Polaroid cameras and photo albums to put your Polaroid pictures in!

Right now, Adesso is offering a “buy two, get the third FREE” sale on Polaroid 600 film. A friend brought this to my attention and I thought I’d share the news: http://www.adessoalbums.com/polaroid-600-instant-film-single-pack.html.