Oh Snap!

Posted by tb4

Oh, Snap! is a really nice 9” x 5” beechwood cheeseboard that comes with a handy stainless-steel cheese slicer, and it’s all disguised as a giant mousetrap. This one makes us squeak with glee. Designed by Sancho Hemelsoen and Jason Amendolara. Love this design, check it out along with a lot of other fun designs at worldwidefred.com.


Anonymous said...

If anyone actually wants to buy it, no one on the internet has it in stock at this time but there should be some here after April 15, 2009.

The cheese-trap-Mickey shirt in the post before this one? DBH's site is so over-the-top artsy, I couldn't figure out how to vote for it OR buy it. They lose.

Thanks for posting both items, though.