Copyright Battle

Posted by tb4

Stephen Colbert sorts out the Shepard Fairey copyright battle, awesome.



Rice Candy said...

He said it at the end. Shepard Fairey has the right because Stephen Colbert is friends with Shepard. The only time people are being in his favor is because they like him and they are his friend. Not because they are clearing up what is RIGHT and WRONG. Shepard continues to take images and art from others who own it and I am sure he will continue to do so. He does not care. The same way he does not care to stencil images and place stickers on the street and deface property. Shepard Fairey has no respect period. He should not have the rights to use that image or any other image/art without first asking permission. It needs to stop here for this to be set as an example of what NOT-TO-DO.