Thyme Calendar

Posted by tb4

2009 Thyme Calendar from Nora Whynot Press is now on sale for only $20. If you still don't have a calendar for 2009 this is a lovely little calendar, and it's cheap always a plus.

"We are excited to introduce the very first Nora Whynot 2009 Calendar. Our labour of love can also be appreciated as separate artworks, ’it’s not just a calendar’.

We have produced a limited edition of only 100 screen printed calendars. Printed on recycled boxboard using hand-mixed inks in order to produce an original colour palette.

All 12 months, including the cover and introduction page, were individually printed with up to 4 passes on each print, one of the colours being unique to that month, making all pages exclusive, no two are the same.

At the end of each month the print can then be separated and framed as an art piece. Make a collection on your wall or just sit it on a shelf, either way it’s going to look good."