Mini Meal Planners

Posted by tb4

These mini meal planners from Ohio based designer Stephanie Briones are just perfect. The mini meal planner contains forms designed to make planning your meals as simple as possible. Each one comes with 8 weeks worth of forms,56 days, to get you started. The forms are separated by colorful patterned and solid scrap papers that have been coordinated together.

Mini meal planners measure 2.5" x 4", they are about .5" thick and have rounded corners. The pages are held together with a 1" metal book ring.

They are all sold out right now, but I will have to remember to check back to see when they are available again. My wife asked me to get a white board to help her plan the meals for the week, but I think this would be so much better. They are also small enough to throw in her purse, so she could take them to the store with her.

mini meal planners