Felix Ng

Posted by tb4

If you haven't found a calendar for 2009 yet, I found a great one for you. Calendar two thousand and nine was designed by Singapore based graphic designer Felix Ng, aka silnt.

The first of its series, Calender Two Thousand and Nine measures 271 x 841 mm, printed on 130 gsm New Raglin Recycled Paper and set in Mercury Display Type by Hoefler and Frere-Jones.

Originally made for silnt's personal use, the calender's unorthodox vertical format is ideal for marking project schedules and counting down to the deadlines. You can get the calendar in either black or white for $15 or get both for $25, get them here.

A few more photos of the calendar below and then the portfolio links below that.



Anonymous said...

pity they spelt calendar wrong. oops