Bring Your Kid To Work Day

Posted by tb4

A great piece of internal marketing from the ad agency BBDO New York, USA and art directors Frank Anselmo and Jayson Atienza. This was for their bring your kids to work day, and I think it is a great piece that would really stick in my mind if I worked there.

"Everyone in the company came into work to find their computers vandalized with crayon scribbles. To promote "Bring your kids to work day," childlike art was hand-drawn on acetate sheets, which were trimmed to fit the screens. Building security secretly unlocked over 500 offices the night before so the acetate sheets could be affixed to everyone's computer monitor."
Brilliant, just brilliant.


Anonymous said...

pretty clever, imagine if you didn't have kids though... you'd be pounding your design buddy in the head for trashing your computer. reminds me of the april fools stunts we pulled - pop out keys in the keyboard and jumble them around...

Jennifer Ramos said...

I really LOVE those...I want one...! : ) Great idea. Ha!

Jen Ramos

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