Mad Scientist's First Blocks

Posted by tb4

Oh my god these are just phenomenal. They are a young mad scientist's first alphabet blocks, each block measures 1 3/8 inches square and depicts six mad science concepts and the appropriate letters.

The set includes all 26 letters of the alphabet on five blocks ,six illustrations per block.Each side started out as one of our original pen-and-ink drawings that we have carefully laser engraved onto a solid block of American maple wood.

At Xylocopa they don't use any dyes or harmful finishes on the blocks and all of their edges are rounded and smooth. A complete list of the images represented by the letters is as follows:

A - Appendages
B - Bioengineering
C - Caffeine
D - Dirigible
E - Experiment
F - Freeze ray
G - Goggles
H - Henchmen
I - Invention
J - Jargon
K - Potassium
L - Laser
M - Maniacal
N - Nanotechnology
O - Organs
P - Peasants (with Pitchforks)
Q - Quantum physics
R - Robot
S - Self-experimentation
T - Tentacles
U - Underground Lair
V - Virus
W - Wrench
X - X-Ray
Y - You, the Mad Scientist of Tomorrow
Z - Zombies

Get them over at xylocopa.com for $40.