Selcuk Saraloglu

Posted by tb4

Do you need more light, do you need a little less, well you decide with the un-zip light from Turkish industrial designer Selcuk Saraloglu.

The only thing that would bother me about this is what happens if the zipper gets all jacked up, then you wouldn't be able to get it all the way un-zipped. Then if you can't get it all the way un-zipped and you need to read a book, you wouldn't have adequate lighting and you could hurt your eyes, oh the horror.

This piece was exhibited at imm cologne design talents in january 2007, thanks for that bit of info Selcuk.



: srw : said...

see david ngo's
earlier work too:

Anonymous said...

ever heard of a dimmer switch?

Selcuk said...

this project exhibited in imm cologne design talents at january 2007

tb4 said...

@Selcuk - Thanks for that bit of info I updated the post with it.

@Anon - What fun is a dimmer switch.

@:srw: - Thanks for the link, you may see that up on here in the next few days.

David said...

i made mine in 2006, but it doesn't matter. originality is over-rated. glad someone else found out the cool properties of zippers and light.

Anonymous said...

Another zipper lamp presented in 2006 Stockholm furniture fair by Antti Rautavuori: