Pepsi Max

Posted by tb4

"One very very lonely calorie."

Great ad for Pepsi Max from the ad agency BBDO out of Germany and art director Michael Plückhan. I love the extremely dark nature of these ads, just fantastic. Check out the rest of the ads below, they are all great.


Andrew said...

Hate them.
These will never see the light of day.
All these ads say is: Pepsi = Suicide

Anonymous said...

Utterly disgusting presentation which allowed to be released SHOULD not be positive advertising for Pepsi. I would REFUSE to buy their product any longer simply based on the under lying message being given.....so yes these would be suicide to Pepsi.

koos said...

Morbidly funny! I doubt it will ever get used (more than it is right now) but I like it. It's kind of "Book of Bunny Suicides"-esque.

If you really hate this advertising, then you should post a link to it everywhere and tell people how horrible it is and that they should not follow said link. /sarcasm

Anonymous said...

Not good ad. 2 much violence.

Anonymous said...

The beaver is pretty happy, don't focus on all the bad people. I like the ad, it's brutal as hell.

Aaron le platrier said...

lol i luvs it, hes a funny looking calorie!