Matthew Croft

Posted by tb4

"Love" is a self-initiated project, by London based designer Matthew Croft. The project had one aim to communicate something which is felt yet inexplicable - the ethereal quality of love, in a simple and engaging manner.

Thousands of perforations were placed through a blank piece of A1 graph paper by hand. The word "love" slowly forms at a distance, as light shines through different sized holes.

This construction process was used in order to indicate the personal and labor intensive manner through which typographic forms are produced. An attempt to reflect the degree of dedication, or "love", required to do so.

The form of the word was constructed through the fusion of a number of visual examples that expressed the required quality.

Check out Matthew's site for the rest of his work and a few more photos from this project. I really enjoyed that he added a bit of his design process in the images. All the different fonts that he went through to get to the final font for "Love," definitely add to the idea of the labor intensive nature of creating a typographic form.