Green Peace

Posted by tb4

"Not all traditions deserve to be preserved. Put an end to whaling in Japan."

Beautifully designed and illustrated ads for the Green Peace campaign to stop whaling in Japan. These ads come from the ad agency of Leo Burnett out of Hong Kong and creative directors Connie Lo, Chong Kin and Yiu Man To. Check out the rest of the ad pieces below, they are as visually stunning as the first one.


Anonymous said...

really beautiful, this is what i call art!

Anonymous said...

this is dumb. they should have taken pics of people who actually have traditional tattoos on them, to give recognition to a real artist, not some asshole with photoshop & an airbrush. that way we could actually appreciate a tradition that is worth preserving.

Miss M said...

Anon- clearly, you missed the point of this ad campaign.

Anonymous said...

To the idiot who focused on the tattoo work and not the KILLING OF WHALES, you are a moron.

Nice campaign.

jade said...

i don't think this ad campaign is going to be effective for the majority of viewers. either a) the slaughter looks beautiful and artistic on the canvas, and the point is missed or b) people disapprove of tattooing and confuse the message. what is this ad trying to say? tattooing in a traditional sense is worth preserving but whaling is not? or vice versa- while the ads are beautiful, they are in terms of the picture, not in meaning.