Derek Hess

Posted by tb4

Great new four color serigraph from Cleveland-based artist Derek Hess. The piece is entitled "Presence" and is available from Derek's website for $150. A little about the print below and then the link to Derek's great portfolio below that. He has a ton of great work, and I know his poster section will be a great inspiration to me and anyone else out there who takes the time to check it out, take a look at the Obama poster it is phenomenal.

4 color serigraph, 20.5" x 13" edition of 200.

This piece is about a "presence", higher power, greater conscience, god, or whatever you believe it to be. The words are "presence" written in many different languages to illustrate the universal presence. No one religion has a copyright on angels, they all basically come from the same source. The white of the wings and hair are the white of the paper.