Mac Funamizu

Posted by tb4

The Fireworks car by Mac Funzmizu is quite possibly the most fun idea ever. Do you ever go to the mall and completely forget where you parked your car. Well you no longer have to fear that outcome just press a button on your key and a lovely fireworks display will lead you right to your car.

Fun Idea, the are some faults with the idea. Like how does the key communicate with the car if it isn't in line of site. What happens if the firework goes off while you are driving, that could be quite distracting to the car behind you, you know a big ball of fire coming right at your windshield can be a little unnerving sometimes. Really it is just a concept and it is a really fun one, that I would love to put on my car, cause I can never remember where I leave anything. Really if I could get a tiny little firework on my keys to let me know where to are all the time, that would be awesome.

I think Mac Funamizu has done a really nice job with this concept, and he isn't even a product designer he is a web/graphic designer based out of Tokyo, Japan, well done Mac keep up the great work. Check out a few more of the concept pics below, and



Anonymous said...

Why would you be surprised that the designer was a graphic/web designer?

tb4 said...

I'm not surprised that he is a designer, just a bit surprised that he is doing product design. Quite a bit different from developing websites.

Isaac said...

As to the "big ball of fire" problem, I believe it is a digital projector. The fireworks are not real, simply projected images. Cool concept, though.

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