David Gonçalves

Posted by tb4

The Grasshopper collapsible bike concept by UK based industrial designer David Gonçalves. When I first took a look at this concept I thought it quite odd, but as I kept looking going back and looking at it over and over the design has grown on me a bit. Obviously it is not for tearing up some sweet mountain bike trails, but this would work great for commuting to and from work or the gym. The small nature of the bike once you have collapsed it, makes it fit great in a cubical or an office.

Now this design does not work very well for me, because I live in a city where you have to have a car to get around. Everything is so spread out, I can't get anywhere in under 10 or 15 minutes. Now if I lived in New York City, or possibly Downtown Chicago this would work great. Check out the rest of David Gonçalves work at his portfolio linked below.