10 Years In The Making

Posted by tb4

I don't post on music very often, and when I do it is more to talk about CD covers or posters, but Guns 'n Roses is now streaming Chinese Democracy in its entirety on their MySpace. I'm through about half the songs and I have to say it is a pretty solid album, but to say this I do have to put out of my mind that it took Axl 10 years to make this album. If I take that in to consideration, it is a pretty mediocre album, if I had 10 years to work on any one thing I was good at it would be perfect. And in my oh so lowly, trying to be a music critic opinion, this is not a perfect album by any stretch of the imagination. But I am enjoying it, and I think it is a good album, just not as good as it could have been. I'm probably going to listen to it once or twice and not listen to it again. It just doesn't seem like it has the staying power of Use your illusions I and II, or even Appetite For Destruction. I really can't believe Appetite For Destruction, was released in 1987, man I'm old.

Now saying everything I have said above, this album will most likely be the number 1 album, and I'm sure it will have monster sales. For the sheer fact that it is 10 years in the making and everyone really will want to hear this one. I have one question about Axl Rose though and his choice of guitarists, does he just love the single name guitarists first Slash and now Bumblefoot. Enjoy listening to the new album, because I sure am.

Oh I almost forgot Mr. Dodge from MOKB altered me to this album stream, check out his site for all the latest in Indie music.