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Jiella 0-series, designed by finish designer Samuli Naamanka for Habitek, is a suspended wooden chair utilizing spherical geometry. The structure consists of strips cut from a form pressed plywood sheet. The inner veneer layers are birch, while the surface is ash, walnut, oak or beech. The form pressed parts are pulled together at the ends of the strips by means of steel shafts from which the chair can be suspended. Jiella is an awesome design simple and beautiful, it would work great in both indoor and outdoor settings, my front porch would look so good with a couple of these hanging on it.

The airy geometry is based on easy assembly and packing: the curved wooden elements can be interlapped to make a flat package. Jiella is delivered to the client in a package including the wooden parts, a leather cushion, hanging equipment and simple assembly instructions.

Interior designer Samuli Naamanka (born 1969) is known as a versatile designer whose work combines carefully considered vocabulary of form with creative technical innovation. As well as product design and interior design, Naamanka specialises in environmental design. Amongst other things, he has carried out groundbreaking work in the development of concrete products. The results of this have given rise, for example, to patent inventions for a graphic concrete patterning technology and for colouring concrete in several different colours.