Gerard Moliné

Posted by tb4

With the leaves around here starting to fall of the trees, the Nest House by industrial designer Gerard Moliné is just perfect. Designed to have a minimal an impact as possible while being installed, it hangs from the tree with thick tape, so that you don't have to screw or nail anything into the tree. The just seems like a really fun thing to lay around in, with or without the leaves.

"Life in the city is complicated. Basic necessities such as housing are subject to complex and absurd obligations. Freedom is reduced depending on what you have or need. Birds don’t pay the rent. They settle into a place and use the nearest resources. Their nests form part of nature. Learning from them, we decided to build the Nest House, a simple metal and rope structure completed with natural materials such as leaves and branches. It doesn’t take up room, it hangs from a tree with a thick tape so as not to harm it. Once installed, it can be used as an observation point or as an essential habitat where to spend the night. The Nest House allows us a perception of the natural space, as a set for animal, plant and human life."