Polygon Bike

Posted by tb4

Reindy Allendra’s approach to the Polygon bike design concept was to combine a music player with a standard bike. The reason he chose a music player is because he believes the music player is on of the biggest influences on everyday life, this product its not just a trend, its becoming a lifestyle, you see people using them everywhere on the street, at the gym, at work, and even the library.

The bike was designed to be in rhythm with this lifestyle, it has comfortable music player button attacked to the steering, adjustable steering, and it can convert the energy of the wheel cycle into power and automatically store it in the battery which later will be used for tail light at night and brake light. Most of all it can always recharge or supply power for your music player. I'm not exactly sure where the battery is housed in the bike concept. Unless there are small batteries inside the frame of the bike. If this was the case, I'm sure the bike would be very heavy, but it does look very cool.



Anonymous said...

Music player or serious accident waiting to happen?... and you'll have dirtier backside with such an exposed rear tire. Also, with the turn lights so close to the frame a car won't be able to easily discern whether you're turn left or right. Nice lines though!

Anonymous said...

So much superfluous material and bulk. There's a reason the basic form of the bicycle is practically unchanged for almost 100 years... it's the perfect blend of form and function as it is.

Sorry, this isn't design, it's decoration. It's an interesting visual experiment, but not practical enough to stand the test of time,.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the previous comment looks like a waste and useless 3D exercis

Anonymous said...

Listening to music while you ride is the least of the problems facing this bike. There are tons of usability issues. The top tube length is too long, the rider would be bent over. The rider's feet would hurt from the tiny pedals, and it appears that they couldn't change their own tire either.

I would suggest:
*Learn how to service a real bike.
*Re-texture the ground, it looks pretty flat/stretched (if you are going through the rigmarole of mapping reflections, a more advanced texture on the ground is warranted).
*Buy a bike magazine, look at their features lists.
*Draw a person riding this... thing.
*tell us how the drive train works.

Nice shading/textures on the "bike", is it rigged?

Anonymous said...

Its not a true Polygon it has curves and a polygon doesnt have curves you lying to the consumer

Anonymous said...

>Its not a true Polygon it has >curves and a polygon doesnt have >curves you lying to the consumer

This will be produce by cnc machines and each surface become numeric structure(poligons).

if it was a bike seed you would right in the analog world.