MOKB New Header

Posted by tb4

This past week I had a little fun with my buddy dodge's blog header, you really need to click on the picture and see it big to get the full effect. I had a lot of fun doing this one, it is probably far to busy for his site, but I think it turned out pretty cool, what do you all think.

Check out MOKB for all of your indie music needs, yeah that is a gratuitous plug in the hope that he changes his mind and actually uses this header, haha.


gresu said...

textures n layering yum. visual hierarchy could be better. mayhaps split the wording into 2 lines or someway to help readability of the individual words. she was a bit too wide to read completely on my lil' 1280x1024.

tb4 said...

Oh I know it is giant, if I get some time this week I'll size it down to the correct size for a blog header and re-post it. Then it should be a bit easier to look at.