Meg Watcher

Posted by tb4

Fantastic photos by Brooklyn based photographer Meg Watcher. The photos above are from the "dumped" series, I'm really wondering how she got anyone to pose for these photos. Although I'm sure it was a whole lot of fun taking these photos, I would love to start dropping food on people heads, all for the sake of art. Check out the rest of Meg's photos at her portfolio, linked below.


valrossie said...

I believe, Meg Wachter is either extremely creative or a torture-loving sadist. Who else would even think of doing this to the poor models? The pictures are a part of an NYC-based photographer Meg Wachter’s new collection, titled DUMPED.
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tb4 said...

I'm thinking she may be a bit of both.

Lauren K said...


.Coulure. said...

Everybody under Drips !

www.webhablada.es said...

This won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I consider.