The Letter Holder

Posted by tb4

The Letter Holder, a simple name for a simple yet very effective and nice design, brought to you by the lovely design group Keep It Cartesian. I always love when product design solves a problem I have, my problem is that my mail always ends up all over the place, it isn't anyone's fault my mail is everywhere it just sort of happens. This would help me oh so much, at least until the point that I filled it up, because I never go through my mail, then I would be right back to where I was before. Ah well at least this piece would look good on my wall.

Keep It Cartesian is made up of 4 designers, thom fougere, kaley lawrence, ryan litovitch, and nils vik. They are currently four students enrolled in the environmental design program of the faculty of architecture at the the university of manitoba in winnipeg canada.