JWT India

Posted by tb4

Nice ads from the ad agency JWT India and art director Jeff Emmanuel. The visuals are great, the art is fantastic, the fire animals are just awesome, the only issue I have is I don't really know what the ads are for. A better tag line or a bit more direction of what to do or where to go would have been nice, that would have take these ads from good to grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat, yeah that is a Tony the Tiger reference, you know you love it.


Anonymous said...

hm, chef, fish, shrimp, and squid.

obviously a seafood restaurant.

Anonymous said...

If you click on the image for a zoomed view you can see on the bottom left it says 'Teppanyaki Fest'
and on the right bottom in fine print 'call for reservation..'
I agree that it should have more clear information but I guess it is in keeping with the trend of making clean print ads with fine print to force the viewer to pay attention.

Graeme said...

i think it actually says Teppanyaki - Food Fast

and the logo on the chefs jacket is Radisson as in the hotel chains so maybe it's a new restaurant within the hotel.

Lovely ads thats for sure. Top work